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  • Providing of convenient conditions for car dealers and private persons, while offering or buying new and used cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, caravans, buses, trucks, vans, trailers, utility and agricultural vehicles.
  • Effective use of information technologies in automotive business, introduction of automated systems of standardization and information placement.
  • Development of specialized Internet based complex vehicles sales systems for car dealers.
  • Expanding of sales markets for car dealers. Advertising of their business at Russian, European and CIS-countries markets.
  • Simplification of negotiation process between sellers and buyers from different countries.


04.04.2007 End of test phase and introducing of the 3-rd «engine» version for the international automotive web market autolot24.
24.02.2007 Adding of new service for our users: Order the vehicle(buying and delivery of vehicle). For users from Russia only.
01.01.2007 Introducing of the new rates for car dealers.
24.10.2006 autolot24 celebrates its 2-nd birthday. Advertisements placed by private persons and car dealers are transmitted to more than 35 websites-partners.
10.07.2006   Start of autolot24 partnership program registration for automotive Internet resources.
24.06.2006 Set of PHP-modules for automotive websites is developed. What makes possible to show vehicle sales advertisements at third-party automotive Internet resources. Functionality and design of this modules can be customized depending on partner's requirements.
24.05.2006 Introducing of the 2-nd «engine» version for the international web market autolot24.
24.02.2006 Introducing of the 2-nd, completely renewed version of autolot24 Software. It has new function of document printing. Number of vehicle categories is increased, synchronization system is modified.
20.08.2005 Opening of office of ООО «autolot24» in Saint-Petersburg.
20.06.2005 Opening of office of ООО «autolot24» in Moscow.
30.03.2005 Creation of Java-Script for automotive websites is finished. It makes possible to show vehicle sales advertisements at third-party automotive Internet resources. The autolot24 Java-Script is installed at more than 20 automotive websites.
24.01.2005 Creation of specialized software for car dealers - autolot24 Software ver. 1.0, what makes possible to import from and export data to mobile.de and autoscout24.
12.11.2004 3-rd place in the category «Internet profi» at North-West Internet Forum.
24.10.2004 Start of international automotive web market autolot24.


The autolot24 project includes the whole complex of original technologies:

  • autolot24 Converter Module
    Converter Module processes data import-export from and into formats of popular automotive web markets, as well as from and into Dealer Management Systems (DMS) formats .
  • autolot24 Synchronization Module
    There is no need to upload the whole large database file if you have changed options of several vehicles. Synchronization Module will sent only necessary data (few kilobytes). Advertisements that were not changed will automatically get the current date of update.
  • autolot24 Transfer Module
    Transfer Module automatically transmits your advertisements to 35 automotive web resources. You don't have to work with every automotive web market or website separately, creating different data sets for them. Transmitting data using Transfer Module saves your time and Internet traffic expenses.
  • autolot24 Domain System
    Domain System creates for car dealer personal homepage in German, English and Russian. Its web URL looks like this: www.company-name.autolot24.com (.de .ru), and is processed by search engines as unique website with direct link to your corporative website.
  • autolot24 Messages System + PROMT Internet Translation Server
    Built-in - PROMT Internet Translation Server - provides automatic translation of advertisements and messages exchange in German, English, French and Russian, what solves the problem of communication between sellers and buyers from different countries. Unlike any other standard «on-line translator», PROMT Internet Translation Server at autolot24 includes besides base dictionary additional specialized automobile and technical dictionaries, what makes possible to translate correctly specific terminology.
Addresses and phones of autolot24 and our offices you will find in the section Contact us