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autolot24 Software - innovative tool for prompt and effective work with automotive web markets. Its interface is simple and easy understandable. Just one click and your vehicles are transferred to all chosen by you free and pay automotive web resources of Germany, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

autolot24 software runs under Windows. Any special data bases or additional drivers are NOT required.

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If you have any questions concerning using autolot24 Software, contact us, using the form below. Fill in the registration form for dealers, and download from your «Secure zone» autolot24 Software for your PC.



  • Prompt adding of vehicles image
    You can add vehicles manually by the use of forms and check-boxes. Customize the most used options. Or you can import database files of automotive web markets (such as: mobile.de, autoscout24, webmobil24 etc.) or files in Dealer Management System (DMS) format, as well. Such functions as deleting, duplicating, coping, and restoring of your vehicles from the trash category are available.
  • Adding and processing of images image
    Every vehicle advertisement can contain up to 10 pictures. Drag & Drop technology, as well as automated image scaling up to 400 x 300 pixels size, brightness and contrast adjustment is supported.
  • Printout of price lists, booklets, purchase and sell agreements image
    Automated make up of different useful documents: price lists, price labels, booklets, financing offers, purchase and sell agreement, lists of sold and reserved vehicles. To make up purchase and sell agreement you only need to enter purchaser's information, mark several check-boxes and print finished document. Seller's and vehicle's information will be added into agreement automatically.
  • Saving of data to PDF-file and sending it to client's E-mail image
    Every document you make up (price list, price label, booklet, financing offer) can be saved to hard drive of your PC as PDF-file or sent as E-mail message to customer directly from autolot24 Software without using any external E-mail software.
  • Data export to automotive web markets and your corporative website image
    Just one click and all of your vehicles are automatically transmitted to autolot24, to websites-partners of autolot24 and to all chosen by you pay automotive web markets (mobile.de, autoscout24, webmobil24 etc.) If you corporative website runs under control of autolot24 CMS and has autolot24-Online-Autohaus module installed - you will be able to refresh automatically advertisements at your corporative website using autolot24 Software, as well.
  • Built-in machine-aided text translator image
    One of the features of autolot24 Software is machine-aided text translation system. Four different languages of translation (German, Russian, French and English) are available at the moment. You can translate on your PC separate words and phrases, as well as long texts. Text translation system requires Internet connection.
  • Recording of sold and reserved vehicles image
    Sold or reserved vehicles can be easily put into appropriate category. Vehicles placed into "Sold" category, keep all the entered information (including agreement of purchase and sale, purchaser's information, date of sale). Vehicles stored in "Reserved" category, keep the information about prepayment amount (if any was made) and purchaser's information, as well. It is possible to change status of any vehicle from one to any another as many times as you wish.
  • Automated autolot24 Software update function image
    autolot24 Software is constantly being improved by adding of new functions and modules. There is no need to visit autolot24 website and check download section to get the latest version of software. On start up software will automatically connect to server, check for update and install it if necessary.
If you have any questions concerning using autolot24 Software, contact us, using the form below.

You can send to us your proposals concerning improvement and functionality extension of autolot24 Software, we will be pleased to take into account your wishes and recommendations.

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List of supported formats

If it is more convenient for you to use while working with autolot24 data format of any other automotive web market or Dealer Management System (DMS) format - let us know. The list of supported formats is being regularly extended following our clients demands.
Formats of automotive web markets Data import Data export
mobile.de + +
autoscout24 + +
motoscout24 + +
truckscout24 + +
webmobile24 + +
Formats of Dealer Management System (DMS) Data import Data export
Gamis (DaimlerChrysler) + -